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PPC vs Lafarge lodged 25/09/17

Ref number Nov/1103adm

Date 13 November 2017

Case PPC vs Lafarge

Updating Ruling Section On The Case
On the 13th of November the complaint against unethical and factually incorrect adverts by Lafarge. The committee found Lafarge to have contravened Section 4 of the ASA Code of Standards which reads:


4.1 No advertisement shall make any disparaging reference to competitive products or services.

4.2 All descriptions, claims and comparisons which relate to matters of objectively ascertainable fact should be capable of substantiation and advertisers and advertising agencies are required to hold such substantiation ready for production without delay to the ASA of ADMA.
The advertising agency for Lafarge – Barkers Ogilvy was requested to pay $1000 fine.