11.1    Merchandise shall not be offered at “wholesale price” or “manufacturer’s cost” or “less than cost”, unless such claim or representation is true and can be substantiated.

11.2    Merchandise shall not be offered for sale at a price purported to be reduced from what is a fictitious “list”, “selling”, “recommended retail price” or “manufacturers suggested retail price” or at a purported reduction in any such price when such purported reduction is, in fact, fictitious.

11.3        Advertisements in which an advertiser compares his current prices with his own previous prices are acceptable, provided: ‑

11.3.1    that the previous price claimed must be the price ruling in the advertiser’s own establishment and advertised or otherwise established to ADMA as the price at which the goods were sold for a period of 28 days immediately preceding the date on which the comparison is first made.

11.3.2  “a saving” can only be claimed if both the previous and new prices are reflected in the advertisement and such prices are in compliance with the provisions recorded above.

11.3.3  general claims such as “save X” or “savings up to Y” can only be made if substantiated by the previous and new prices which must appear in the advertisement.

11.4   Merchandise shall not be offered as “made to sell for” or being “worth” or “valued at” a certain price greater or more than the price asked, unless such claim or representation is true and can be substantiated.

11.5        Advertisements in which there are comparisons between the advertisers’s price and the prices alleged to prevail generally or in any other establishment are not acceptable.