13.1        Advertisements which make offers, whether for merchandise or any other form or premium, to the public, may be permitted but only on the following conditions: ‑

13.1.1    No brand or trade name of a premium shall enjoy a selling message except where the sponsor is: ‑                the manufacturer of such premium, or                the sole Zimbabwean agent for such premium.

13.1.2    Advertisements must not describe goods or samples as “free” unless the goods or samples are supplied at no cost or no extra cost (other than actual postage or carriage) to the recipient.  A trial may be described as “free” although the customer is expected to pay the cost of returning the goods, provided that the advertisement makes clear the customers obligation to do so.  Advertisements offering free goods shall indicate that such goods are received free with every purchase or with a specified number of purchases or within a specified time.

13.1.3    When offers of printed matter, whether free, charged for or as premiums, are made, such printed matter shall in all respects conform to the standards of propriety and good taste governing all advertising.