The provisions in this Code are not necessarily exhaustive.  The acceptability of advertisements not covered by the section will be dealt with by the codes of individual members.

19.1        Correspondence Clubs

19.2        Fortune Tellers and the like.

19.3        Organisations/companies/persons seeking to advertise for the purpose of selling betting tips.

19.4        Unlicensed employment services, registers or bureaux.

19.5        Products or treatments for bust development.

19.6        Smoking cures.

19.7        Products for treatment of alcoholism.

19.8        Contact or corneal lenses, unless the advertisement is placed by a registered optician.

NOTE:   Advertisements for matrimonial agencies are acceptable providing the wording complies with the codes of individual members.  It is recommended that all such advertisements carry the manager’s full name and the full street address of the matrimonial agency.