All advertising accepted for publication, transmission or broadcast will be governed by the general principle that it will be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and that it conforms to the Advertising Media Association’s Code of Standards for advertising.  Each member media, nevertheless, reserves the right to impose additional standards applicable to their own particular medium.  No advertisement which contains material of doubtful propriety or which is obscene, indecent or profane, or contrary in any way to accepted standards of good taste and morality shall be accepted by any media.

2.1          Where an advertiser/practitioner blatantly flouts the ASA Code of Standards, a penalty of $1 000.00 will be imposed.  In the event of the offender failing to pay the $1 000.00 to ASA within 14 days, all ADMA members will be advised to stop accepting any advertising copy from that advertiser.

2.2          A handling fee of $500 shall be levied to all Companies and Advertising Agencies who are lodging complaints to ASA.