The provisions in this Code are not necessarily exhaustive.  The acceptability of advertisements not covered by this section must abide by the rules and regulations of the Drugs Control Council of Zimbabwe.

20.1        Special Claims

No advertisement should contain any reference which is calculated to lead the public to assume that the article, product, medicine or treatment advertised has some special property or quality which is in fact unknown or unrecognised.

20.2        Sexual Weakness, Premature Ageing, Loss of Virility

No advertisement should contain any reference or claim that the product, medicine or treatment advertised will promote sexual virility or be effective in treating sexual weakness, or habits associated with sexual excess or indulgence, or any ailment, such terms as ‘premature ageing’, ‘loss of virility’ will be regarded as conditions for which medicines, products, appliances or treatment may not be advertised.

20.3        Visual Presentation of Doctors, Dentists, Pharmaceutical Chemists.

Visual printed and sound presentation of persons representing themselves to be of the Medical, Dental or allied professions by any means whatsoever, whether directly or by implication shall not be accepted.

20.4        Hospital and Official Source

No advertisement will be accepted which contains, whether directly or by implication, any reference to hospitals or official sources for any purpose whatsoever.