7.1          Advertisements for skill competitions (except those permitted in terms of relevant legislation) which have for their objective no other purpose than money‑making and not the furtherance of trade, or the furtherance of a charitable cause, shall not be accepted for publication.

7.2          Advertisements inviting the public to take part in competitions shall comply with the laws of Zimbabwe and, in particular, with the following requirements: ‑

7.2.1      All contestants must be offered the opportunity to win on the basis of ability and skill, rather than chance.  Games of chance will not be acceptable.  Lotteries or contests amounting to lotteries will not be accepted unless they comply with the regulations in Clause 8.1 ‑ LOTTERIES ‑ hereunder.

7.2.2      The basis on which the submissions of the contestants are to be judged and the nature and the number of prizes, including the order in which they are to be awarded, shall be clearly stated.

7.2.3      The closing date of the contest shall be made public in the first advertising exposure and, if possible, shall be strictly adhered to.  Any alteration shall be given adequate publicity.  The organisers shall be obliged to advertise the results of competitions within a reasonable period of the winners being determined.